Mobbyt, a tool to create educational videogames and interactive teaching resources

How to create multimedia digital resources to perform didactic activities in the classroom is one of the issues that motivate teachers in the era of ICTs. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options to satisfy this demand. One of them is the tool offered by the Mobbyt platform to create educational videogames.

As shown on the cover page of its website, the Mobbyt platform is easy to use. It only requires the user to register in order to create contents, although this action is not necessary in order to play the hundreds of educational videogames included within the portal. However, registration allows an author of content to make edits in the future.

Characteristics of the Mobbyt platform

Among the main advantages offered by this online tool, it is possible to highlight the following:

  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is free.
  • It is safe for minors: content is controlled by managers.
  • It does not require installation for use.
  • It is multiplatform: the tool as well as the created games can be displayed on any device.
  • It enables creation of different types of games.
  • It allows creation of multilevel games by combining the formats available.
  • It has a portal collecting the created games so that they can be used by the whole community.
  • It arranges games in topical categories (Geography, History, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, among others).
  • It allows creation of virtual classrooms and spaces.
  • It enables creation of contests and rankings to gamify activities.

With regard to the types of games (formats) available on the Mobbyt platform, the user can create trivia quizzes, memory card and coincidence games and electronic comic strips, among others.  As we mentioned earlier, all these challenges can be gathered sequentially, thus generating a multilevel game.

Steps to create an educational videogame on Mobbyt

Once we have chosen the type of videogame we want to create, the process is very simple. It is only necessary to follow the instructions on the assistance tool and complete the information. First, the game format is chosen. Then texts and images are uploaded. Next, the cover page is created, which includes a title, a description and other information for users. Finally, the game is published so it can be shared on social networks, included in a blog, or used in the platform portal.

To give an example, we share a simple multilevel game. Other similar games can be found or created in the portal.

To play, press the button:

Lastly, we point out some of the plus features of educational videogames as they are highlighted on the Mobbyt platform:

  • They enable learning while playing.
  • They enable self-improvement through response to challenges.
  • They enable repeated experiments without costs, risks or the use of specialized laboratories.
  • They enable learning of procedures such as security and emergency protocols, among others.

We provide the following links to the above mentioned resources:

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